Class Descriptions

All beginning, intermediate & experienced classes involve therapeutic yoga principles & exercises to improve mobility, stability and overall movement alongside an exploration of traditional Hatha yoga poses. Group Therapeutic Yoga classes are space-limited and intended for those with health and movement issues as described in detail below.



An introduction to simple therapeutic yoga exercises, relaxed breathing, and basic yoga poses which foster ease, stability and body awareness.


For students who are familiar with basic yoga poses and wish to build strength and stamina by slowing down and feeling more. Previous participation in a beginning series is strongly recommended.


For longtime students who wish to advance their practice with movement to increase mobilty, stability and strength while interweaving easy breathing and mindfulness.

Rest & Restore

Enjoy a quiet refuge and rest in gentle poses with the support of bolsters, pillows, blankets and other props for prolonged periods of undisturbed silence and stillness.  This practice is especially helpful for those experiencing sleep issues, chronic stress & fatigue, anxiety & depression, recovering from illness or injury, illness & injury, or facing major life events.  Please have soft, suppportive props and an eye pillow handy. 


Friday Night iRest Yoga Nidra

An evening of guided relaxation based on teachings from the yoga tradition and current research to help participants develop an inner resource and deep capacity to meet and respond to life’s circumstances.  This evidence-based practice has been shown to calm the nervous system, release negative thought patterns & emotions, and reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disturbances & trauma.  Please have soft, supportive props and an eye pillow handy.  Offered once a month on Friday, 7-8pm.

Therapeutic Yoga & Adaptive Movement

For those living with movement issues & pain due to age, injury and other health concerns to help improve strength, mobility and stability with therapeutic & adaptive movements modified to suit your individual needs.  All exercises are practiced while on the floor and standing, and exclude kneeling on hands & knees. Time for relaxation and restful restorative poses is also involved.