We See You...

We are Hamilton’s only Therapeutic Yoga Studio with a reputation for exceptional yoga instruction through the slow, mindful and accessible approach we have shared with the community since 1998.  As one of the city's first studios, we are yoga pioneers.

We teach individuals of all ages and abilities, and have seen more and more people joining our classes not only to experience the joy of movement, but to manage real health concerns.

We help our students move better, reduce pain and improve function, whether in addressing stiffness and tension, injuries and age-related conditions, or managing illness.

We work with individuals with mobility issues due to arthritis, osteoporosis, back/shoulder/hip pain, those with chronic stress & fatigue, anxiety & depression, students recovering from surgery and cancer treatment, and people living with many other health issues.

We share a common desire with our students – to live well and age gracefully, and to practice yoga in a way that meets our needs as we mature and navigate life’s changes and challenges.

We believe that anyone can enjoy the benefits of yoga, and we understand that everybody AND every body is unique. Our experienced teachers are skilled and creative in adapting exercises and poses for you in both our group classes and our customized private yoga therapy sessions.

We like to think of our approach to yoga as a mindful way to gain stability and mobility while strengthening intelligently over these gains in your exploration of multi-disciplinary movement practices such as somatics, task-based & functional movement and yoga poses.

We’re curious about how you move, how you breathe, and how we can help you recognize and unravel holding patterns, uncover blind spots, alleviate pain, cultivate a calm & focused awareness, and simply feel better.

We invite you to build stamina without strain, and watch your yoga practice evolve, deepen, and mature by finding ease in body and mind.

We understand that slowing down and truly listening to your body can be challenging and goes against the ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality so widespread in mainstream fitness, and we are grateful for your receptivity, trust and confidence in our invitation to feel and pay attention to your body's cues.

We see dramatic changes and progress in our own bodies by practicing this way, and as your teachers, we’re thrilled to witness amazing changes and progress in each of you.

We hear your feedback – that you’re standing taller, breathing better, feeling lighter, getting stronger, experiencing less pain, finding more clarity and comfort, and altogether embodying the energy of yoga.

We are pleased to offer specialty classes and workshops including Therapeutic Yoga Clinics, Yoga for Anxiety, iRest Yoga Nidra and online at-home retreats.

We also offer Private Yoga Therapy sessions designed to address your specific needs and health concerns to help improve your movement and improve your life.

We are committed to expanding our knowledge and refining our skills under the mentorship of cutting-edge leaders in our profession, and are passionate about sharing our new learning with you. We know from many years of experience that in student/teacher relationships, learning is mutual.

Without a doubt, you are our greatest teachers.

We look forward to working with you towards your experience of asana – finding ease and stability in body, mind and breath.